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Welcome to the EM Drive wiki.

This site is a repository of the current information available for the EM Drive project, as discussed in the 4/29/15 blog post on It is currently being researched by several groups around the world, including by a team at NASA Eagleworks. The goal here is to present all the background documentation in one place, so people following the forum threads can quickly get up to speed on what has been previously discussed.

Please note that this is an unmoderated, community-run site that discusses a rather controversial topic. As such, anyone is free to write whatever she/he wants regarding her/his own work or posts regarding the EM Drive. However, other people's work (whether they be posts in the forums or elsewhere) should only be linked or quoted verbatim (but never paraphrased). This will prevent a repeat of the problems witnessed in the past due to the false and/or misleading reports in the media about the current state of EM Drive research.


Experimental Results - Experimental data provided by currently investigating groups.

Building - A list of several DIY-ers building their own.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers some basic questions about the EMDrive.

Possible Error Sources - Attempts to explain anomalous thrust via experimental error or 'conventional' means.

List of Suggested Experiments - A list of as-yet untested EMDrive experiment suggestions.

Theory - While there's no consensus on any of this, here are various attempts to support (and debunk) it.

Generic EM Drive Information - A location to compile generic/interesting information (calculations, factoids, etc).

Useful Documentation - A list of all documentation referenced in the thread.

Useful EMDrive Design and Test Tools - A list of all publicly available EMDrive design and test tools.

MEEP - A page dedicated to simulating the EMDrive using electromagnetic simulation software.

Potential EMDrive solar system explorer ship Links

Solely to aid in searching, the content of the first two NSF forum threads (which have since been closed) have been duplicated here.