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Alexander Tatarnikov - popular researcher of UFO phenomena, philosopher. Its theme is connected with the cosmos, the ancient pisaniyaimi, religion. Most of the topics touches the divine creation of man and the world of UFOs. The author believes that the man was always a man, but the divine people lose through the centuries. Since ancient times, people observed phenomena in the sky and people have described these beings as gods, they came from the strong glow over the head as it is depicted on the icon, so by the whole body. Scientists are not all of course, but many agree with it, releasing books and even entire transmission in the world are many places related to the UFO phenomenon. Modern science can not normally show this kind of Deity, but in the world there may come a time when it can be done and it's not just there to some fantastic stories, this is true. Humanity just needs to grow spiritually, to know this truth. It would be interesting to study it with the help of physics.


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