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EMDrive/SPR web site FAQ
What are the experimental results regarding the EM Drives?
See Experimental Results.
Does the EM Drive violate momentum- or energy-conservation?
See Energy Conservation and Momentum Conservation.
How does an EM Drive work?
This a graph showing how R. Shawyer describes the operation of the EM Drive. deltaMass has shown that Shawyer does not even understand that momentum is governed by the phase velocity, not the group velocity. Therefore any explanations for thrust (like Shawyer's) which are based on a difference between group velocities, are just plain wrong.

The EM Drive researchers at NASA Eagleworks and Prof. Yang's team at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) in Xi'anin, China, have different theories of its operation:

Image of EmDrive thrust direction in posts attachment.

See the Theory page for a list of additional theories purporting to explain how the EmDrive works.

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