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Meep (or MEEP) is a free finite-difference time-domain [1] simulation software package developed at MIT to model electromagnetic systems. A number of people, including @aero, have been using it to simulate the evolution of the fields within the EM Drive.

Details regarding setting up Meep for EM Drive simulations are below:


The following was recommended by @leomillert:[2]

  • Linux
  • MEEP 1.3 with libctl 3.2.2, Guile 2.0.11, Harminv 1.4 and OpenBLAS 0.2.12. HDF5 is version 1.9.224 and h5utils is 1.12.1. I installed everything except OpenBLAS from source, compiled myself. It was really tricky, so I strongly recommend people to see first if their distribution has MEEP pre-packaged.
  • Installation sequence
  • Parallel / cluster installs are documented here

Amazon EC2 AMI

A public AMI with meep installed has been made available (by @dumbo). The AMI name is ubuntu-trusty-meep-emdrive and the AMI ID is ami-3f54560f. Due to the long computing times required to simulate the frustum until "saturation" (for lack of a better term), some people may find it more convenient to run the simulation on EC2 than on their local workstation.

The AMI is based on Ubuntu (Trusty) with packages meep and meep-mpi-default installed.

Models & results

TBD: Add reference to all existing models and the results here, with a succinct description.