Useful EMDrive Design and Test Tools

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See details of using MEEP for simulations.

Roger Shawyer's EMDrive Design

TheTraveller's Excel-based EMDrive design tool (last updated 8/11/15), developed in cooperation with Roger Shawyer.


  • Testing an EMDrive [1]

Shawyer claims to have successfully measured EMDrive thrust by:

1) Using a scale directly under or offset to one side of the EMDrive.


2) Using an overhead spring to offset some of the EMDrive weight on a scale under the EmDrive.


3) Using a knife edge Teeter Totter Balance Beam.


4) Using a rotary air bearing setup to directly measure acceleration and deceleration.


None of Shawyer's publications have been ever published in peer-reviewed journals. What Shawyer claims to be EM Drive force measurements could be the result of experimental artifacts. According to the scientific method, replication of his experiments need to be performed at many scientific institutions to confirm or nullify his claims.