Useful EMDrive Design and Test Tools

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  • TheTraveller's Excel based EMDrive design tool, developed in cooperation with Roger Shawyer. [1]
  • Testing an EMDrive [2]

Please don't get confused by this "Testing an EMDrive" document. Note carefully what Shawyer says.

"A number of methods have been used in the UK, the US and China to measure the forces produced by an EmDrive thruster. In each successful case, the EmDrive force data has been superimposed on an increasing or decreasing background force, generated by the test equipment itself.

Indeed, in the UK when the background force changes were eliminated, in an effort to improve force measurement resolution, no EmDrive force was measured. This was clearly a result of attempting to measure the forces on a fully static thruster, where T and R cancel each other.

UK flight thruster measurements employ this principle to calibrate the background noise on the force balance prior to carrying out force measurements."

Shawyer has successfully measured EMDrive thrust by:

1) Using a scale directly under the EMDrive.

2) Using an overhead spring to offset some of the EMDrive weight on a scale under the EmDrive

3) Using a knife edge Teeter Totter Balance Beam.

4) Using a rotary air bearing setup to directly measure acceleration and deceleration. ShawyerRotaryTestRig.jpg