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This page is to be a repository of links or references to useful documentation referenced in the thread. To be organized at a later date.

General Documentation

Documentation from a variety of non categorized topics.

# Description Link Source Post
1 AIAA JPC 2014: Theory of a Mach Effect Thruster Download Link
2 Mach Effect Thrust, Power, Acceleration, Heat vs Time Graph Download Link
3 Experimental Tests of the Mach Effect Thruster
4 Revised Theory of Transient Mass Fluctuations
5 Support for the Thermal Origin of the Pioneer Anomaly
6 On Factorization of Einstein's Formalism into a Pair of Quaternion Field Equations
7 The Mach Principle and the Origin of Inertia From General Relativity
8 Symmetry in Electrodynamics
9 Physics of Extreme Gravitomagnetic and Gravity-Like Fields for Novel Space Propulsion and Energy Generation
10 Emerging Physics for Novel Field Propulsion Science
11 Extraordinary Momentum and Spin in Evanescent Waves
12 Anomalous Thrust Production from an RF Test Device Measured on a Low-Thrust Torsion Pendulum
13 A Way To Self-Propel Subatomic Particles Without External Forces

EM Drive Documentation

Documentation specifically about the EM Drive.

# Description Link Source Post
1 A Note on the Principles of EmDrive force measurement
2 Video of EmDrive in Operation
3 Second Generation EmDrive Propulsion Applied to SSTO Launcher and Interstellar Probe
4 Can the Emdrive Be Explained by Quantised Inertia?

Q-Thruster Documentation

Documentation specifically about the Q-Thruster.

# Description Link Source Post
1 Q-Thruster Physics Data;topic=36313.0;attach=630360;image
2 Human Outer Solar System Exploration via Q-Thruster Technology

Desired Documentation

Documents that have been requested, but have not yet been found.

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  7. Schwebel, S. L. INT J THEOR PHYS , vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 61-74, 1972, "Interaction theory of the electromagnetic field"

Recommended Background Material

  1. Rizzi, Peter A. (Prentice-Hall 1988), "Microwave Engineering - Passive Circuits", ISBN 0-13-586702-9, this book is recommended by Roger Shawyer.