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Hello all, I've been interested in the EMDrive since I first heard of it in 2006. I've exchanged some email with Roger Shawyer, mostly trying to give him support when the naysayers were in the press, bashing him. My background is in computer science, particularly security. I have a Bachelor's Degree from Harvard. I lived in Boston for twenty years and am now in Pittsfield, Mass, about 125 miles west of Boston.

My physics is weak, in comparison to many of the posters on the NASA Space Flight forum. I took physics and high school and University, but without immediate use, it has withered. I have some knowledge of RF, Microwave, and antennas which allows me to follow the discussion about resonance and Q factor.

I thoroughly believe that "the proof is in the pudding", and even a crude, yet functional example is superior to academic argument. Therefore, I intend to build various cavities, at both room temperature and near-absolute-zero (for testing of superconducting cavities). R.W. Keyes (talk) 22:32, 19 May 2015 (PDT)